Earth2Orbit’s GeoIntel Analytics practice delivers social, economic, business and environmental insights and intelligence to companies, governments and non-profits.





Geointel Practice


Satellite Fleet





Make our home planet safer, prosperous and more sustainable.


+ Provide intelligence for prudent decision-making

+ Help timely deployment of economic, financial and

   material resources

+ Detect and explain large-scale changes and trends

+ Make our cities smart, secure, sustainable and resilient

​   to disasters

+ Provide insight and intelligence for climate action


GeoIntel practice: Overview


Earth2Orbit’s GeoIntel practice leverages composite data sets, sophisticated algorithms and advances in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to respond to pressing social, business and environmental questions and concerns.


We combine Earth Observation (EO) data with large volumes of other forms of data to deliver "actionable intelligence" to our clients. E2O’s GeoIntel practice is satellite agnostic. We use imagery from American, European, Indian and other satellite and airborne platforms. We aim to expand the usage of EO data from older and newer EO constellations with intelligent applications for all sectors.


We uncover patterns, correlations and provide insights into economic indicators, market trends, macro-level changes and customer behavior.


GeoIntel Applications



+ Crop classification

+ Yield estimation

+ Disease assessment

+ Irrigation management

+ Drought assessment



+ Environmental risks

+ Damage + loss verification

+ Insurance products



+ Urban planning

+ Infrastructure design

+ Air + Water quality

+ Urban heat islands


Climate Change

+ Carbon footprint

+ Water conservation

+ Extreme weather response


Financial Services

+ Carbon trading

+ Financial inclusion

+ Macroeconomic forecasting



+ Port logistics

+ Asset tracking

+ Schedule planning


Oil & Gas

+ Pipeline monitoring

+ Oil fields subsidence

+ Encroachment monitoring



+ Output predication

+ Illegal mining detection


​Real Estate

+ Illegal construction detection

+ Area habitability score

+ Subsidence/landslide risk



+ Biomass calculation

+ Illegal logging

+ Forest buffering

+ Forest fire loss assessment



+ Asset Tracking

+ Airport Traffic Assessments



+ Footfall assessment

+ Site optimization

+ Supply chain and asset tracking




Value Added Products (VAP)


+ Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation

+ Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation

+ Contour generation

+ Ortho-photo generation

+ DEM extraction from stereo

+ Cartographic contouring

+ 2D & 3D mapping

+ 3D buildings and urban modelling

+ Ortho-rectification and mosaicing


Satellite Fleet


The value added remote sensing data products offered by E2O and its partners uses earth observation imagery from the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite system. The IRS is the largest civilian remote sensing satellite constellation in the world providing imageries in a variety of spatial resolutions, spectral bands and swaths. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) offers data from some of these satellites commercially through its Bangalore-based marketing arm Antrix and its Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC). E2O offers value added remote sensing data from the following satellites:


+ Risat-1

+ Resourcesat-2

+ Resourcesat-1

+ Cartosat-2

+ Cartosat-1

Montage: Top to Bottom, Left to Right


Row 1a. Part of Vienna (1m Cartosat-2 + Resourcesat-1 merged)


Row 1b. Part of Washington (2.5m Cartosat-1 Pan)


Row 2a. Part of Cape town (2.5m Cartosat-1 Pan)


Row 2b. Part of Rome (2.5m Cartosat-1 + Resourcesat-1 merged)


Row 3a. Dubai Airport (2.5m Cartosat-1 + Resourcesat-1 merged)


Row 3b. Part of Baghdad (1m Cartosat-2 Pan)


Source Credit: Antrix Corporation


Image Courtesy: ISRO


Japanese Professors conducting checkout tests on PROITERES-1 satellite at SHAR

(Photo Credit: OIT)